May 19, 2022

Pennsylvania ranked 30th safest state, new study finds

Whether on the road, in public, at school or in their own home, parents worry about themselves and their families’ safety.

People move to new states every year, and their safety and well-being is a major factor in where they migrate.

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Pennsylvania ranked 30th in overall security out of the 50 states, behind neighboring Maryland (10th), New Jersey (11th), Virginia (14th) and New York ( 16th). Ohio (33rd) and West Virginia (37th) finished worse.

WalletHub looked at 28 different data sources to rank states based on 1) personal and home security, 2) financial security, 3) road safety, 4) workplace safety, and 5) emergency preparedness. emergency.

A total of 55 key metrics were used to support these five categories. The Commonwealth ranked near the middle on many of these measures. Some rankings where Pennsylvania ranked high or low include:

  • 2sd safest – New unemployment claims by total civilian labor force
  • 3rd safest – Share of complaints for elder abuse, gross negligence and exploitation
  • 5e safest – Hate groups per capita
  • 6e safest – Share of uninsured drivers
  • 8e safest – Median days lost due to occupational injuries and illnesses
  • 8e safest – Sex offenders per capita
  • 9e safest – Assessment of driving laws
  • 9e safest – Amounts of losses due to climatic disasters per capita
  • 39e safest – Fraud and other complaints per inhabitant
  • 39e safest – Murders and manslaughter per capita
  • 41st safest – Unemployment rate
  • 44e safest – Number of mass shootings (four or more people shot in a single incident and location, not counting the shooter)
  • 45e safest – DUI per capita
  • 49e safest – Traffic disorder (incidents due to bad behavior)