May 19, 2022

Netflix will release top 10 reports for English and non-English TV and movies every week

In an effort to be more transparent about audiences for its best series and movies, Netflix will begin publishing weekly Top 10 reports for original and acquired content from the streamer. The charts will track the total number of minutes watched for Netflix’s most watched English and non-English movies and TV shows.

Starting today, Netflix launched, a website that it will update every Tuesday based on the title viewing times from Monday to Sunday before. The top four worldwide listings are film and film (non-English) and TV & TV (non-English). Last week’s winners are “Red Notice”, starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot (148.72 million hours viewed), the real Italian film “Yara” (17.95 million hours), the third season of “Narcos: Mexico” (50.29 million hours); and the still insanely buzzing dystopian drama “Squid Game” (42.79 million hours).

These charts follow the streaming giant’s recent promise to be more transparent about audience data. Netflix previously reported the number of households that watched at least two minutes of a program. The service previously highlighted its top 10 programs for subscribers in over 90 countries, but without specific numbers to provide the necessary context. Netflix will also release two Top 10 Movies and TV lists for each of these countries, along with occasional specialty lists, such as for Best Feature Documentaries or Reality TV Shows.

“It’s hard to determine the best way to measure streaming success, and there is no perfect measure. Traditional metrics like box office or audience share (designed to help advertisers understand the success of linear TV) are irrelevant for most streamers, including Netflix, ”Pablo Perez de Rosso, vice president of content strategy, planning and analytics at Netflix. . “After looking at the different options, we believe that engagement, measured by hours viewed, is a strong indicator of a title’s popularity, as well as overall member satisfaction, which is important for retention. subscription services. “

In the blog post Rosso wrote – cheekily titled “To All the Metrics I’ve Loved Before: The Story of Our New ‘Weekly Top 10 on Netflix’” – he notes that the streamer has received critical comments. over the past few years regarding how Netflix has generally shared the rhyme and reason behind its most popular titles (with few tangible data points). Rosso added that while it is difficult to capture the nuances of different types of entertainment with a single metric, the hours viewed per title (in his first 28 days on Netflix) make the most sense for Netflix (rather than report the number of members who complete a show or movie, for example).

“We think if you miss the end of an episode of a 10 hour series (a crying baby or Netflix and relax), or you don’t want to wait for the Easter egg in the credits sequence , or whether you revisit a scene multiple times rather than the entire movie, all that viewing should reflect in the popularity of the title, “Rosso wrote. Hours per title can be consistently standardized across all mediums and platforms. From Plus, the number of hours viewed is comparable to how third parties (such as Nielsen Analytics, the flagship of TV ratings for decades) measure popularity and encompass rewatches. Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming lists, which are typically released every Thursday, distinguish between acquired titles and original titles, and focus on minutes viewed per title rather than hours.

The industry sought a better benchmark for the SVOD landscape, which amplified during the pandemic with four new leading new streaming platforms – HBO Max, Peacock, Discovery Plus and Paramount Plus – joining Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus as top contenders for audience share, while Nielsen has recently been criticized by industry watchdog group Media Ratings Council. Netflix is ​​the first of the major streaming platforms to try to get ahead of the rating narrative and to some extent control how they present their dominant titles.

Weekly reports will be rounded to the nearest 10,000 to account for any fluctuations in internet connectivity, and EY, an independent accounting firm has been engaged to review this new visualization methodology. Netflix will release EY’s analysis in 2022. The company hopes the weekly Top 10 lists will help fans discover new shows and movies and engage in new conversations.

Each season of a series in the Top 10 TV listings will be measured separately, and all titles (regardless of genre) are eligible for the listings, whether they are Netflix originals or licensed programs. . Netflix will provide information on how many weeks a title has been in the Top 10 dating back to June 2021, and will also update its overall lists to help fans keep up with the streamer’s most-watched movies and shows. the temperature.