May 19, 2022

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Hears Scout’s Rest Ranch Master Plan | Local

“Why so modern? Brandt said of Visitor Center Concepts. “Hell, this is a century old place.”

Riggins responded that none of the master plan concepts would affect the ranch’s 7½-acre western core, including the mansion and stable. This area was granted National Historic Landmark status earlier this year.

Conceptual drawings for the visitor center would evoke the T-barn but would not attempt to duplicate it, he said, as few images and no blueprint of this structure have survived.

Another master plan idea would be to redesign the entrance to the recreation area at Buffalo Bill Avenue and Scout’s Rest Ranch Road to serve as the main entrance to both parks.

Most of the online forum participants liked the different concepts, Riggins said, but 57% of those who responded to an online survey thought the visitors’ center would be too far from the main part of the 23-acre historic park. .

The T-barn site is about 200 yards east of the stable and 350 yards from the mansion, he said when responding to a question from commissioner Donna Kush of Omaha. .

“It seems like a long way, depending on the weather, even if it’s a quarter of a mile,” Kush replied.

The closest to the two parking lots closest to the mansion would remain to preserve disabled access, Riggins said.