January 8, 2022

MediaCom launches the Insight tool ‘Creative Analytics’

MediaCom launches the Insight tool ‘Creative Analytics’

November 26, 2021

WPP MediaCom is launching a feature called Creative Analytics, to provide insight into future creative performance through programmatic display, search, social media and video.

Creative Analytics, which will be offered to all WPP agencies, is offered through five global ‘centers of excellence’, located in Singapore, New York, Warsaw, Moscow and London, where teams of data scientists work to convert creative data. into information using advanced modeling techniques. The service has already been tested with several customers and, according to MediaCom, can improve digital performance by up to 50%.

Additionally, MediaCom has signed a partnership agreement with the recently launched emotional AI platform DAIVID, adding predictive attention and emotional response data to its own campaign optimization tools. DAIVID’s predictive algorithm uses a combination of technologies such as facial coding, eye tracking, machine learning, computer vision and emotional categorization, via DAIVID 39TM, to help advertisers maximize the impact of their advertisers. large-scale creative and media strategies.

Tom Saunter (photo), Global Head of Creative and Multimedia Technologies, MediaCom Creative Systems, comments: “Creative Analytics will increasingly focus on extracting high-quality creative data that tells us what works creatively, what works. who is not working and why. Our AI-assisted methods are already significantly transforming creative and media performance and we are truly excited to add DAIVID’s attention and emotional predictions to provide a whole new source of creative information for our clients.

Internet sites: www.mediacom.com and www.daivid.co.

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