January 8, 2022

Kochi airport ranks third in international passenger flows, proud 2 lakh in October – The New Indian Express

Express news service

KOCHI: Kochi Airport, which had seen a drastic drop in passenger numbers following the coronavirus outbreak and resulting travel restrictions, appears to be returning to its pre-Covid operating level. According to data available over a six-month period, from June to November, the airport operated 8,269 aircraft movements in its international sectors and 11,714 in domestic sectors.

The airport now handles around 6,000 passengers per day in departures alone, and total passenger traffic is around 12,000 per day, up from 15,000 passengers per day in the days before the pandemic.
According to data from the Airport Authority of India, Kochi Airport ranks third in international passenger movements with 2,222,192 airmen in October. With 6,468,668 and 3,10,370 passengers, Delhi and Mumbai airports rank first and second, respectively.

On Monday, Kochi airport saw a peak in traffic with 22,534 passengers and 151 aircraft movements, which an airport official said is the highest since the Covid epidemic. The data shows that international departures have seen a steady increase compared to the arrivals figures. From June to November, there were 5 23,887 departures while the total number of arrivals amounted to 4 37,363.

The total movement of passengers at the airport during the period was 2,055,476. Meanwhile, the numbers of arrivals and departures in the domestic sector are almost the same. A Kochi airport official said flight operations had started to match their pre-Covid levels.

“Almost 80% of flight operations in national sectors happened in the pre-Covid era. Previously, the airport had 40 to 45 departures per day, and now the number has grown to over 35, ”the official said.

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