May 19, 2022

Google Analytics users get an “internal error” when moving a property

If you own a website, you probably use Google Analytics to keep reports on your website traffic. Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you know your target audience.

It provides information like real-time website views, audience behavior, traffic source, targeted keywords, bounce rate, etc.

In 2020, Google introduced a new version of Analytics upgraded from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics 4 can measure, unify, and deduplicate user interaction data, helping content creators understand user behavior.

You can also move your Analytics property from one account to another at any time. That said, some users are now complaining (1, 2, 3) that they are having a problem upgrading or moving their property between two Analytics accounts.

Whenever they try to move a property from one Analytics account to another or upgrade to the new version, it keeps showing an error saying “internal error, please try again later”.

Here are some reports for reference:


I am using the new version of GA on my website which does not look good to me and I want to move it to the old GA Universal account without losing the ownership data (users, keywords, reports, etc.) of this new account. I tried to create a new account and a new property (GA Universal), but when I move a property to this new account, the message “Internal server error. Please try again later.” (Source)

Whenever I try to move a property between two GA accounts to which I have full access, I get an “internal error” message. Seeing no reason why I shouldn’t be able to move these properties, and the option is provided to me. Advices? Is this a bug? (Source)

Even having full access to the property, he doesn’t budge. Those affected also tried workarounds such as moving property by disabling the ad blocker or using incognito mode, which did not work.

After getting frustrated with this error, those affected then took to the Google Analytics community forum for help.

Meanwhile, a Bronze forum member clarified that users cannot convert UA property to GA 4 or vice versa. And if people want to use Universal Analytics, they have to start from scratch.

analytical-internal-error-bronze-member-acknowledgment of receipt

Additionally, he said that this issue of transferring ownership to a new account has been reported by many users. And there will be no problem when moving old properties between accounts and it will only affect the new ones.

Unfortunately, Google has yet to fix this issue and we hope the support team recognizes it as soon as possible. We will keep you informed of the progress of this file.

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