December 5, 2021

City Council Approves Renovation Plans for Former Meridian Manor Site | Wayzata

A design render shows the latest proposal to renovate the former Meridian Manor retirement home and transform it into The Moments of Wayzata. The Moments, a Lakeville-based elderly care community operator focused on supporting people with dementia, acquired the property of 163 Wayzata Blvd. W. earlier this year. (Image submitted)

The Moments of Wayzata will be a community of elderly and memory care

The former site of the Meridian Manor retirement home will be renovated and transformed into The Moments of Wayzata after receiving approval from Wayzata City Council.

Built in 1994, Meridian Manor was a 75-unit apartment building that served up to 90 residents. The Moments, a Lakeville-based elderly care community operator focused on supporting people with dementia, acquired the property of 163 Wayzata Blvd. W. earlier this year after Meridian Manor closed following a COVID-19 outbreak in April 2020.

A previous application from The Moments was considered by council in August, but was rejected following negative comments from residents living near the project site – largely on a 13,300-square-foot building addition that would include The Moments offices. The council mainly favored the idea of ​​renovating and reopening the site as an elderly and memory-care community, but found the overall plan too large due to the addition of the building.

Prior to this proposal, a first application for The Moments of Wayzata was made in June to the city’s planning commission, but was withdrawn following comments from the public and commissioners which included concerns about the removal of the buildings. trees, vehicle traffic, parking and the proposed addition.

The latest plan no longer includes the demand for building expansion and additional parking, which also means removing fewer trees. The updated plan requires a modification of the development of the planned unit and a design standard deviation to modify the existing parking area in front of the building. The renovated car park will have 56 parking spaces.

The proposed project will update the existing 74,000-foot building and reconfigure the residential units to create 84 units that can accommodate up to 88 residents in total.

The latest proposal follows a neighborhood meeting on September 23 where the owners of The Moments pledged to put up signs limiting part of the parking lot to the visitor parking lot. They also pledged to add trees along the south side of the parking lot and adjust landscaping to better protect residents living across Wayzata Boulevard from headlight glare.

The tree preservation plan shows that there are currently 753 inches of significant trees on the site, of which 233 inches are expected to be removed. The developer plans to install around 700 inches of trees, exceeding the 158 inches required to be replaced under the city’s current tree preservation rules.

The overall proposal received positive feedback from Wayzata City Council, with all members noting the compromises made between the different groups involved in the process.

“I think it’s wonderful that the developer and the community got together, spoke out and listened. The whole process between the planning commission, the council, the neighborhood, the developer, I think, has worked quite well, ”said council member Alex Plechash.

Board member Cathy Iverson thanked the team behind The Moments for their continued efforts to listen to and incorporate feedback from the community and city leaders.

“Through the process, I think we have a better product, so thank you for taking the time to do the extra hard work within your team and the community,” Iverson said.

Unanimously, the board approved the plans for Moments of Wayzata.

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