July 19, 2022

CarEdge.com Announces 1,000,000th Site Visitor, Vehicle

BOSTON, September 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – CarEdge.com announced today that it has introduced additional industry-changing and user-friendly features to its automotive search and listings site. The company has also made significant milestones when it comes to its website metrics and listing services, and is now offering dealers unlimited, free leads.

  • CarEdge.com had its 1,000,000e * unique visitor (100% organic) on his site on August 30e, well ahead of the expectations of companies and investors.
  • Dealer vehicle listings grew over 100%, to 4.2 million cars and trucks, giving CarEdge.com one of the largest selections in new and used car ads in the countryside.
  • For visitors to CarEdge.com who request additional information about a specific dealer listing, the selling dealer will receive the lead’s contact information at no charge.

CarEdge.com visitors can now take advantage of the following site upgrades:

CarEdge.com has generated considerable interest from vehicle buyers looking to make more informed and educated decisions about their vehicle purchases. The company believes that the shift in consumer sentiment toward “value” purchases, coupled with increased economic uncertainty, will benefit the company’s unique business model, which focuses on making smarter vehicle purchasing decisions.

CarEdge.com’s Free Dealer Leads Policy is designed to ensure that the company continues to provide objective advice to vehicle buyers, without the bias or influence of being paid by selective dealers for these leads. CarEdge.com is not aware of any other auto buying site that provides free customer leads to dealerships, and attempts to set a new industry standard in transparency and advocacy for dealers. vehicle buyers. Interested auto dealers can register here to participate. There is no obligation and no agreement is required.

Speaking on the company’s announcements, CarEdge.com President Scott Baker said, “We are very pleased with the initial response we have received from vehicle buyers about the tools. user-friendly analysis of our site. Baker adds, “Our goal of being the unbiased, objective and conflict-free site of choice for car buyers who want to make good purchasing decisions is being realized, and that makes our CarEdge team proud. The fact that we just had our millionth visitor to the site tells us that car and truck buyers want the research tools we provide them, so we will provide them even more in the future.

About CarEdge.com

CarEdge.com was created to be “the advocate for car buyers”; provide consumers with the professional analysis tools that auto dealers and leasing companies use to assess current and future vehicle values. CarEdge.com’s goal is to be the go-to site for serious car and truck buyers, who are focused on getting good “value” in their vehicle purchase. In the coming months, CarEdge.com will offer new features that will further improve the experience for car and truck buyers. The company believes its unique approach of providing automotive consumers with full transparency, without conflicting with the influences of selective auto dealerships, will become the standard by which other auto search and listing sites are judged.

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* 1,000,000 site visitors represent unique users, not the total number of visits. The visitors were from organic farming, without paid advertising. The figure also includes website traffic for CarEdge.com’s predecessor, UsedFirst.com. Source: Google Analytics


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