June 21, 2022

Botify, Looker Integrate for business website analytics

The Botify corporate SEO platform and Looker data analytics platform integrate services to deliver relevant data through the latter’s unified data platform.

The new integration gives businesses a centralized, more accurate view of their website performance by elevating organic search data with Looker’s business intelligence platform.

Customers now have extensive access and visibility to SEO data among stakeholders, teams and markets, Botify said in an announcement Tuesday.

The integration also makes it easier for brands to link SEO data to key business metrics and overlay it with data from other channels like direct traffic or paid media.

In a statement, Botify’s vice president of partner strategy Meryl Serouya said the platform offers businesses a wealth of data and information on their website performance.

“And while this data has the power to uncover incredible opportunities for increased traffic, conversions and revenue, it is even more powerful when analyzed with other business and channel metrics,” Serouya said. . “By partnering with Looker, we remove the barriers and complexities associated with manually integrating fragmented data sources and help our clients realize the impact of SEO on business performance.

In a blog post highlighting the integration, Botify said that over 90% of online experiences start with a search engine. However, Google only crawls and finds 49% of the website content and experiences generated by marketing teams.

Features of the Botify and Looker integration include:

  • Overlay Botify performance data in Looker with conversion data to gain deeper insight into the correlation between page speed and revenue
  • Overlay Botify keyword data such as impressions and clicks onto data from Yext or Google by Business to see how many calls and messages these services lead to your physical location
  • To help prioritize crawl budget optimizations, customers can overlay log file, revenue, and traffic source data to see the number of pages Google crawls and top traffic drivers by segment.
  • Ecommerce sites during the holiday season can link top product transactions to organic search traffic and page load times to monitor technical issues in real time

Botify’s integration with Looker could soon mean integration with Google Cloud, as the Silicon Valley tech giant moves closer to a $ 2.6 billion cash deal to acquire Looker and add the platform. form to its analysis offer.

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UK antitrust authorities have reportedly examined the deal and whether it could hurt competition in the region or in other markets.