July 19, 2022

Best web analytics tools in 2021

by Madhurjya Chowdhury

22 October 2021

You can find out how many people visit your webpage, how long they stay there, what proportion of them subscribe and buy anything using the data provided by the website analytics software, and lots of other useful information that can help you grow your business and increase your income. Here is our list of the 10 most common web analytics tools used by businesses around the world to get important data about their ecommerce activity.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular online analytics software, and for good reason. It provides both free and commercial tools for websites that they can use to learn more about their consumers and their behavior. No matter the industry, whether it’s travel, healthcare, retail, or whatever, Google Analytics can give you a complete picture of how people are interacting with your hardware, as well as what who works and what doesn’t. Google Analytics is a free plan that’s ideal for small and medium businesses.


SimilarWeb is a data analysis tool that collects information about a website’s productivity, traffic, and other factors from many different sources and integrates it into a given dataset.

Customers can gain unparalleled levels of insight into the behavior of potential customers and website visitors, as well as the most in-depth analysis of the success of their app or website, using this specific data collection to the company.

The data is processed using machine learning algorithms by SimilarWeb’s team of expert mathematicians and other data scientists to provide prediction models and estimates of future customer additions.


Clicky is a web analytics tool that has been in operation for over 13 years, helping websites and business owners keep track of internet activity at all times. This is generally a user-friendly Google Analytics option, offering many of the same capabilities but providing a much better view of the data.

Clicky is quite an easy-to-use tool which is undoubtedly one of the main reasons it is used to monitor the traffic of over 1.2 million websites. Users must first create an account before using Clicky. After that, you will be given an admin site key as well as a tracking code which must be manually included in the organization design, or you can use a Clicky plugin.


Matomo is a web analytics tool that has over 1 million users and is used in over 190 countries. It is a sophisticated tool that allows you to track the complete customer experience of your website.

The main selling point of Matomo is that in addition to being a feature rich platform, it also allows users to have complete data management, ownership and security of all sensitive data. This implies that with an on-site service, no third party will ever have access to your sensitive data because everything is kept on your servers.


Finteza is a comprehensive web traffic analysis system that enables organizations to gain better insight into user behavior and more effectively manage ad campaigns. Finteza helps websites deal with some of the more difficult aspects of analyzing online traffic.

A bot detection, for example, will recognize bad traffic and identify potential scammers and hackers, ensuring that your information is based only on real data.

You can also edit funnels and build funnels for any page, source, UTM tag and more with Finteza. You’ll get in-depth behavioral study of your audience every moment with these customizable choices.


From the minute they ‘step foot’ on your website, Woopra is all about knowing the customer journey. This allows businesses to assess the behavior of their visitors and, as a result, engage them, retain them and convert them into dedicated customers.

Woopra uses unique technology to provide you with information about individual customers, called person profiles, which allows you to view the full customer experience for every visitor to the site.


Using real-time and historical analysis of data from different platforms, Chartbeat enables businesses to build a loyal consumer base.

Chartbeat works with over 60,000 entertainment brands and operates in over 60 countries around the world. Publishing houses have been able to assess the value of their business and find out what type of text and video material keeps readers engaged using dashboards, reporting mechanisms, headline analysis and reporting. ‘other Chartbeat optimization techniques.


Hotjar integrates a number of analytical tools and capabilities with a variety of feedback mechanisms into a single solution.

It uses various techniques, such as heat maps and visitor records, to track user behavior. Hotjar also collects important information from users through polls, surveys, and other means.

Your business, analytics, UX, and CRO departments can make the changes needed to improve UX and conversions with such comprehensive data collection.

Crazy egg

Crazyegg is well known for its thermal mapping and event recording solutions which are the foundation of its website analysis. Crazyegg allows businesses to perform A / B testing to optimize their web page design and the overall consumer experience.

The main goal of Crazyegg is to help websites determine how users browse the website and how much time they invest in it. The app also helps identify and correct faults so that visitors can become loyal customers.

Mixer panel

Mixpanel is a valuable tool for sites that want to understand how their consumers interact with their website and the items they sell so that site owners can gain insight into their customers’ behavior, spot current trends, and take action. decisions based on the information gathered. .

Mixpanel focuses on individual customers and is an event-based approach that ties interaction to a specific user so that you can send them relevant messages to increase site engagement.


When it comes to growing your product and website and converting casual visitors into long-term engaged customers, understanding the behavior and demands of your consumers is essential. Website analytics tools can help you maximize the potential of your business and find out everything you need to know about your consumers’ habits, expectations, and demands. Whichever option you choose, it will definitely provide you with a new perspective on your customers’ needs and highlight any areas where you can improve.