In order to be able to borrow 14,000 euros, you usually do not have to go long ways. Because such a loan amount is considered as average loan size in Germany.

Therefore no high hurdles have to be taken. Provided, of course, that the creditor proves a good credit rating.

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What is a 14000 Euro loan for?

What is a 14000 Euro loan for?

14000 Euro is a loan amount, with which quite a lot can be started. A move could be completely paid. Or the purchase of a car. It would also be possible to start with 14000 euros in the self-employment. But maybe also new furniture for a cozy home should be bought. No matter in which direction the wishes around the 14000 euro credit also go.

It is always important that every loan can be well secured. A decent credit rating is required.

When is a good credit rating spoken?

When is a good credit rating spoken?

A good credit rating is a prerequisite for borrowing. We are happy to talk about it. But many consumers do not even know what makes a good credit rating. Within the credit rating, the economic and personal circumstances of the applicant are summarized. So it is looked at, what income exists and what quality this corresponds.

On top of that, the expenses are checked. For example, it is looked at which maintenance obligations exist.

Also, how long the prospective loaner is already employed by the current employer and whether there are any debts. In addition, it checks which other liabilities exist and which loan-relevant contracts have recently been concluded.

From this information, the creditworthiness of the borrower is then worked out. If the credit rating is good, a loan can be taken on very good terms.

This means that the interest rate is low and the bank is ready for a flexible repayment. The poorer the credit rating, the lower the chance of a good credit offer. If the credit rating is too low, the loan application will be completely rejected on top of that.

He could then only be saved if, for example, a second borrower is called in to apply.

14000 Euro credit search

14000 Euro credit search

Even if 14,000 euros are not an extremely large loan amount, the credit should not be taken lightly without comparison. Because the interest that must be paid for the loan, decide significantly how expensive the loan will ultimately.

And only with the help of a comparison can be seen, whether the most low-interest loan offer is used. Our loan calculator, which can be found at the end of this article, helps to find a suitable loan offer.

He searches directly on the loan amount and the desired term and can therefore make specific offers. Should one of these offers be claimed, this is done with a simple click on the corresponding button.

As an interested party you will then be forwarded directly to the provider and can fill out the form for applying for the loan. Our Note: The loan calculator does not ask for personal information and consequently does not store it.

Personal data is only exchanged with the bank, which ultimately provides the desired 14000 Euro loan.

14000 Euro credit

14000 Euro credit

If possible, you should not take out a 14,000 euro loan as an instant loan. The regular intake, which is completed within two to five days, should be brought forward.

This means that all offers can be compared with each other in peace and the selection of loans is significantly greater. It is recommended to collect all necessary documents for the admission in advance.

Which these are, shows the loan calculator under the button “Product details”. Each bank can act individually in this regard, so that no specific information can be made.

The fact is, however, that income, expenditure and identity must be proven. In order to ensure a quick settlement of the credit order, the application must be filled in completely and truthfully.

A cash payment of the money is not possible in most cases. However, there is always the possibility to transfer the money from the 14000 euro credit transfer to the account.

You may then withdraw the money directly and dispose of it at will.